eCommerce Plans & Pricing

Let us start by saying, Anything Is Possible!

Growing faster than ever, more than 1.4 billion people shopped online in 2018.  

"Global e-Commerce hits $25.6 trillion – latest UNCTAD estimates"

Choose an eCommerce Plan
That Works for You

eCommerce Project


Per Month

7 Hours Project-staging(1st Month)

7 email campaigns a month
7 forms with UNLIMITED fields
Personalized chatbox
 7 social posts a month
7 videos per month

eCommerce Program


Per Month

11 Hours Program-staging(1st Month)

11 email campaigns a month
11 forms with 100 fields
Personalized chatbox
11 social posts a month
11 videos per month
1100 recurring
payments with invoices
Accept payments through chat & forms

eCommerce Outsource


Per Month

15 Hours Outsource-staging(1st Month)

UNLIMITED email campaigns
UNLIMITED form features
UNLIMITED automations
UNLIMITED social posts
UNLIMITED recurring
payments with invoices

Accept payments through chat & forms

Assign contacts & tasks to UNLIMITED site contributors
Customize your business tools
& remove branding
Schedule your emails & social posts
in advance
Accept payments through chat & forms
Get VIP customer support

Bonus... every eCommerce Plan includes!

  • 3-4 Page Website (SSL, GDPR-compliant) 

  • SEO Maximizing

  • Marketing Integration

  • Video Ads

  • Contact Manager

  • Task and Reminders

  • Shopping Cart 

  • Customer Service

  • eCommerce Advice

  • Technical Support

  •  Accelerate Web Development(a-la-cart)

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Benefits offered in each Client Plan are subject to the following terms and conditions, which may be amended from time to time at sole discretion: 

● Client Plan Terms of Use 
● SaaS Terms of Use 
● Privacy Policy 
● Client Plan Subscription Agreement

We recommend you read, understand and agree to the terms outlined in each document before signing and subscribing to a Client Plan.